Keep Active for April in Blackburn With These Fun Ideas!

It's Active April, so now's the time to get off the sofa and get moving! Here are 5 fun ways to get active in Blackburn.



Golf can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Unfortunately, when you first start, you'll have more lows than highs, but the highs feel so good, you'll keep coming back. Driving ranges are your friend when starting. They're great to practice and most offer lessons with the local pro, which is a solid option if you're serious about improving.

Blackburn Golf Club or Pleasington Golf Club are two good options if you want to brave a course. The range is great but can never fully replicate an on-course experience. Plus, playing a full 18 or even just 9 holes, is a fantastic way to burn some calories.


Perfecting your front crawl, backstroke or butterfly is one thing, but swimming comes with a whole host of other benefits too, like keeping you in shape and positively impacting your cardiovascular fitness. Not to mention, it helps you look good on holiday, whilst keeping you safe in the water!

Blackburn Sports & Leisure Centre has a great pool and is currently running a RE:FRESH scheme, allowing anyone who lives works, has a GP, or attends higher education, within the Blackburn in Darwin area, to attend swimming sessions for just £1!


Technique is everything when it comes to sport, and tennis is no different. If you want to become an accomplished player, a combination of athleticism, fitness, and technique will help you get there. Of course, the majority of us aren't aiming to be the next Andy Murray, we're content with having fun and being good enough to compete with friends.

Thankfully, you can have fun in tennis pretty quickly, provided you're able to return the ball over the net and keep it in play. Adopting an underarm serve is also useful in the beginning to minimize mistakes and reduce the learning curve. Play tennis at either Blackburn Northern Sports Club or Crosshill Tennis Club, both located in Blackburn.


Boxercise is a great way to keep fit, tone up, and learn boxing fundamentals. There's no sparring involved, just pad work, so you can throw a jab or overhand right without worrying about anything coming back in your direction.

Nevertheless, Boxercise isn't easy. It's great fun, but also intense and designed to make you sweat, hence why it's such a good way of getting in shape. Find boxercise instructors in Blackburn at


Situated in the southernmost corner of Ribble Valley, Blackburn has a load of local walking routes for you to explore! Take a saunter through Blackburn's Witton Country Park or Fishmoor Reservoir, or head a little further out for an amble around Roddlesworth Reservoir or Darwen Tower.

Stroll solo with music on or enlist some friends to keep you company. Walking is something the vast majority of us do daily. It's convenient and has several health benefits, such as improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening bones, and reducing excess body fat. That's without mentioning the positive effect it can have on your state of mind and mental well-being.