Our 5 Favourite Picnic Spots in Blackburn

Few things in life are as synonymous with the sun as a summertime picnic. You can't plan for the weather, but you can plan your preferred picnic location and with that in mind, we've gathered a few suggestions of our own. Here are 5 of our favourite picnic spots in Blackburn!


Queen's Park

Queen's Park is one of the best picnic spots in Blackburn, offering a blend of natural beauty and recreational facilities. Dating back to 1887, this Blackburn park spans 56 acres and features lush lawns, flowerbeds, and a picturesque lake. Families can enjoy the playground, tennis courts, and open spaces ideal for games and relaxation. The charming café provides refreshments, and there are plenty of benches and shaded areas for a picnic. Queen's Park also boasts scenic walking paths and a bandstand, often hosting live music events. Whether you're looking for a tranquil escape or a vibrant community space, Queen's Park in Blackburn is the perfect spot for a summer picnic.

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Witton Country Park

Witton Country Park is a vast, 480-acre park in Blackburn, perfect for a family picnic. It offers a woodlands, meadows, and open fields, providing ample space for various outdoor activities. The park's well-maintained trails are ideal for walking, cycling, and nature spotting. Kids will love the adventure playground, while sports enthusiasts can enjoy the numerous pitches and courts available. The park also features plenty of picnic tables, perfect for avoiding the damp ground when the weather doesn't comply! Witton Country Park has something for everyone, and would offer a option to enjoy a picnic in Blackburn.

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Corporation Park

Corporation Park, located near Blackburn town centre, is a Victorian-era park, known for its beautiful landscaping, including ornate fountains, manicured flowerbeds, and towering trees. Visitors can enjoy walks along the winding paths, explore the well-maintained gardens, or relax by the peaceful lake. There are ample open spaces for picnicking, along with a children's play area and tennis courts. The park's tranquil atmosphere and historical charm make it a lovely spot for a picnic in Blackburn.

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Roe Lee Park

Roe Lee Park, situated in a residential area of Blackburn, is home to an array of features, including a skate park, bowling greens, communal pavilion, paddling pond and even two multi-use sports pitches. It's the perfect destination for a family picnic with so much to keep kids of all ages entertained. If it all sounds a little too hectic to have a peaceful picnic, fear not - spread over 17 acres, Roe Lee is big enough to enjoy the fun and games while still providing ample space for anyone wanting a more restful retreat. Not to mention the dell and woodland areas, perfect for enjoying a stroll or your pack up away from the chaos of Blackburn town centre.

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River Darwen Parkway

Alongside the River Darwen, on the south side of Blackburn, The River Darwen Parkway is a significant stretch of land. At well over 100 acres, it's an area with an almost unlimited array of potential picnic opportunities. The Parkway features well-marked trails perfect for walking and cycling, with plenty of areas to settle along the way should you want to combine your picnic plans with some activities. The River Darwen Parkway is a great place to watch the world go by, and an avid route for locals to walk their dogs. The route has an added bonus of a clear view of Ewood Park, a treat for Blackburn football fans.

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