How To Decorate Your Property For Renting

Decorating your property for renting requires a thoughtful approach that balances style, functionality, and mass appeal. It sounds complicated but to make things easier, we've put together some essential tips that will help your property appeal to a wide range of tenants, so you can maximise the rental potential. So, here are our 5 key tips for decorating your property for renting.


Opt for a neutral colour palette

Avoid bold colour and interior choices when decorating your rental property in favour of a more neutral look. Maintaining a neutral colour scheme is less likely to put potential tenants off. Light colours like white, beige and greys can give the illusion of more space and will help your property feel more inviting. If your property is unfurnished, neutral colours help a potential tenant envision filling the space with their own furniture.

Ensure your interior is clean and well-maintained

Property is like people - first impressions count. If you were preparing for a first date or job interview, you'd clean yourself up, emphasise your strong points and make yourself look as presentable as possible. The same is true when trying to market your rental property. Ensure the space is clean, well-maintained and in good condition. Pay attention to details like fresh paint, laminate floors and carpets, and clean windows. Make any necessary repairs to ensure everything is in proper working order. A clean and well-maintained house signals to tenants that you value their comfort and satisfaction.

Make smart furniture choices

If your property is already furnished, it's best not to make any bold decisions to avoid alienating tenants who don't like the look and are forced to live with the furniture you've provided. The goal is to create a stylish space, appealing to as many potential renters as possible. Avoid an eclectic approach in favour of more neutral items that'll appeal to a wide range of potential tenants, each with their own tastes and style preferences. It's not all style over substance though as quality and durability are big factors too. Ensure furniture is robust enough to withstand everyday use and not prone to excessive wear and tear from regular use. You don't have to spend a fortune, but investing in high-quality furniture might save you money in the long run as it'll stand the test of time and you won't have to replace it as often.

Provide essential appliances

Furnished or unfurnished, it's still a good idea to provide tenants with some essential appliances. In terms of the kitchen, this means ensuring tenants have a fridge freezer, cooker and washing machine. This will save them some hassle when moving in and allow them to store and prepare food from the off. Convenience is key, so anything you can provide which saves them time and money on move-in day will be a big plus in their book.

Maximise kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is important too. The better your property looks from the outside, the more appealing it'll be overall. Keep the exterior well-maintained and looking tidy. If you've got a garden or outside space, clean it up and make any necessary repairs! If your property has a driveway and paving area, consider getting it professionally cleaned or jet washed.

Outdoor seating is a nice touch if your property has suitable outdoor space. Finally, your front door is very important. We're told not to judge a book by its cover, but everyone does, and it's the same for a front door! It's the first thing most people see when looking at a property, so make sure, as a minimum, it's clean, durable, and secure.

Decorating your property for renting involves creating a neutral, well-maintained, and functional space that appeals to a wide range of potential tenants. Stick with these tips to increase the desirability of the property and attract quality tenants.