Responsibilities as a Tenant

Much like your Landlord, as a Tenant you have a set of responsibilities you have to comply with, both outlined by law and within your tenancy agreement. From rent to repairs, here are just a few of the responsibilities that lie with a Tenant.


Tenant Responsibilities

1. Keys

When moving into a new property you will be provided with a set of keys. Property Management or your Landlord will keep a set of keys for gaining access to the property or for any emergencies.

2. Moving In Checklist

As a Tenant is it your responsibility to have organised the following before moving into the property:

  • Council Tax Registration
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • TV License
  • Contents Insurance

3. Tenancy Deposit

You will be required to pay a security deposit at the start of your tenancy, which will be held onto for any damage to the property that is not classed as 'fair wear and tear'. The deposit will be equivalent to 1 month’s rent plus £100 or the equivalent of 5 week's rent, this will be confirmed in your tenancy agreement. This deposit will be payable on or before the day your tenancy starts, this deposit cannot to the payment of rent.

Assured Shorthold Tenancies require Landlords to put the Tenant's deposit in an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme, this is a legal requirement. Introduced by the UK Government in 1988, this ensures that deposits are protected and any disputes are resolved quickly, impartially and inexpensively.

4. Paying Rent

An important part of being a Tenant is ensuring rent is paid each month. Your rent due date will be clearly outlined in your tenancy agreement. The first payment will be due on or before the day your tenancy starts.

5. Joint Responsibilities - Sharing a Property

If you share the property with other named Tenants, everyone on the tenancy agreement is responsible for making sure rent is paid in a timely manner. If a Tenant fails to pay their rent, this must be covered by the other parties. All named Tenants are responsible for any damage caused to the property during the tenancy. If one Tenant wishes to terminate the tenancy, they will be going so on behalf of all occupiers.

6. Maintenance

Your Landlord is always responsible for any repairs or maintenance that is needed in the property. In order for your Landlord or Property Manager to fix any issues quickly, it is up to you to report them promptly.

7. Repairs

If the property needs any repairs or maintenance undertaking, it is your responsibility to report this. Click here to make a report or alternatively contact your Property Manger on 01254 234337.