Top Gardening Jobs To Do This February

As we inch closer to Spring, the urge to get back out in the garden, grows stronger. But February's unpredictable weather can still throw a curveball or two our way. Fear not, with a few strategic moves, we can keep our green spaces thriving even in the chilliest of days.

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Ventilate Your Greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse, it's crucial to ventilate it by opening doors and windows. This becomes especially important when the weather turns warm and humid. Not only does it regulate the temperature, but it also helps to prevent fungal diseases. However, remember to shut those doors and windows in the evening to keep the warm air inside.

Adding a layer of mulch around the base of your plants can provide extra protection against unexpected frosts. And for your tender seedlings, invest in propagator lids, cloches, or fleece covers to shield them from harsh weather conditions.

Winter Vegetables

Sow an array of winter vegetables like cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and peas. It's also time to pot on any seedlings that have outgrown their current containers. Also try companion planting by putting lettuce seedlings among garlic in greenhouse tubs, maximising space and fostering relationships between plants.

As for flowers, now's the perfect time to pot on autumn-sown varieties and pinch back sweet peas to encourage bushier growth. Consider sowing more sweet peas, dahlias, marigolds, wildflowers, and scabiosa to add a splash of colour to your garden beds.

Sowing For Future Flavours

For those craving homegrown chillis, peppers, and aubergines, February is the ideal time to start seeds indoors. These warm-season crops require a longer growing period, so it's best to kickstart their journey in a heated propagator with grow lights for optimal germination. If you don't have these tools, a sunny windowsill can also do the trick.

Bare Root Planting

Take advantage of dormant fruit plants by planting bare root strawberries. Whether in outdoor containers or hanging baskets within a greenhouse, providing a bit of extra warmth can give them a head start on growth come spring.

Winter Pruning

Don't forget about winter pruning! Now's the time to tackle summer-fruiting raspberry bushes while they're still dormant. This practice helps maintain plant health and encourages robust fruit production later in the season.

Container Gardening

If you live in rental accommodation, don’t let it deter you from growing your own fruit. Many fruits thrive in containers, making them perfect for urban gardeners or those with limited space. Just remember to top up with fresh compost annually and upgrade to larger pots as needed. Most inexpensive buckets from DIY stores work wonders for raspberry bushes.

A Clean Garden is a Healthy Garden

Lastly, continue to prune away any dead or dying leaves and stems from your plants. This simple task not only tidies up the garden but also prevents the spread of fungal diseases, ensuring a vibrant and healthy growing environment.

As we navigate the final stretch of winter, let's stay vigilant with our garden care routines. With a little bit of planning and a touch of TLC, we can set the stage for an ample growing season ahead. Happy gardening!

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